Hormones: The Musical

When it’s that time of the month and Mum is possessed by monstrous hormones, Dad must deploy every strategic maneuver to save his family from destruction.

PRODUCER: Dominique Hurley
DURATION: 6.57 mnutes
YEAR: 2013

Hormones - The Musical, Raw Nerve 2013 - Wide Angle Tasmania from Wide Angle Tasmania on Vimeo.

Dad arrives home to find his wife in a state of hormonal flux, the house a mess and the day in tatters. Once it dawns on him what time of the month it is, he sets to putting his monthly emergency plan in motion - identifying ways to humour the scary monster that Mum has become. Meantime, Mum moves from despair and hopelessness to complete rage. It is only when Dad and the kids manage to swing her mood toward guilt and remorse that they can reach the real Mum, coerce her back to her normal loving self and return to the usual, more manageable levels of chaos.


Launched C3 Convention Centre (Jan 2013)
ABC2 iView (July 2014)
BOFA Fringe (Nov 2014)
Tropfest Tassie Showcase (Dec 2014)
TASshorts on Screen (Apr/May 2015) - State Cinema Hobart, Wynyard Wharf Hotel Theatre and Deloraine Little Theatre


Meg Bignell as Mum
Adrian Smith as Dad
Tom Hawkey as Jack
Lauren Williams as Pru
Bryce Williams as Tom
Samual Hawkey as Henry
Maddy Jeffery-Moore as Lilly


Executive Producer - Abi Binning
Script Editor - Tim Ferguson
Cinematographer - Thomas Waugh
Musical Arrangement - Monique Brumby
Editor - Craige Langworthy
Colour Grade and Sound Mix - Mike Gissing Digital City Studios