Higgins, Nicholas


Nick Graduated from WAAPA in 1999 with an Adv.Dip in Production and Design (Lighting). Since then he's been a freelance lighting designer.
As projected imagery has become an integral part of productions, and the task of creating and managing those images has fallen to the Lighting Designer, Nick has had a lot of experience in shooting for very specific needs and frames. In both Stills and moving images.
Since moving to the NW Coast 6 years ago, Nick has placed more emphasis on the film and photography part of his business.
Nick uses a Panasonic AF100 with Nikon glass (80-200 F2.8, 35-70 F2.8, 20mm F2.8, 16mm F2.8) and an Atomos Ninja. Plus a Sennheiser lapel radio mic kit, Boom pole and Mic.
He also has a Canon 6D + 24-105 F4 and four GoPros.
Over the years, Nick has gained extensive experience in FCP Pro v7 (not FCPX), Premiere CS6, After Effects CS6, Photoshop and Lightroom.