…Tasmanian spirit on screen

The GRIT project uses story to connect us and improve resilience as we recover and rebuild from Covid-19. The project includes three phases:

1. Community stories of GRIT

Tasmanians from all around the state are invited to share their personal photos, text and video stories of grit. These stories will feature on the GRIT gallery – a treasure trove of how the Tasmanian spirit of grit is alive in our communities.

2. Create and tour films

Wide Angle Tasmania will commission some of our most talented filmmakers to create 12 short films that explore the concept of grit.  Throughout 2022 and 2023 Wide Angle Tasmania will present a statewide tour that brings communities together to enjoy the films and celebrate our stories and filmmakers.

3. Using films for social change

The films produced through GRIT are a powerful force for creating social change and building social cohesion in our community.  During 2022 and beyond, Wide Angle Tasmania will provide changemakers, leaders and organisations with access to the films and tools to help them effect social change. We’ll also share our stories with national and international audiences through festivals, television and online platforms.

The GRIT project is presented by Wide Angle Tasmania and supported by the Tasmanian Community Fund.  We are now in the first phase of the project and invite you to get involved.  You can submit your photo, text or film of real people showing strength and determination in the face of adversity.  Your story will be published on the GRIT gallery, where we showcase the resilience of everyday Tasmanians - strong relationships, ‘bouncing back’, positive outlook, determination, community networks, hope and a sense of purpose.

If you’d like updates and invitations to get involved and join us at screenings – sign up to the GRIT newsletter here.


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