Film resources strengthen the screen industry

Budding Tasmanian filmmakers can now access free, high quality film contracts to use with cast, crew and location owners on their low and no-budget films.  

Through the support of a 26TEN grant, Wide Angle Tasmania has produced ‘Screen Access’ a collection of eight film contracts, a voluntary code of conduct for working with children and a range of film production documents.  

Filmmaking is not only a creative process - filmmakers need to have agreements in place with their crew, cast and the owners of properties where they film.  When they start out, filmmakers are unsure about how the law works with film projects.  ‘Screen Access’ provides filmmakers with a road map about how to negotiate some of the legal aspects of filmmaking, and provides them with high quality templates to use.” 
WAT Executive Director, Abi Binning. 

Each year, hundreds of Tasmanians volunteer as actors and crew on films.  The contracts have been written in plain language so that volunteers can clearly understand what they are agreeing to when they join a film production.

“26TEN, Tasmania’s campaign for adult literacy, supports clear communication. The WAT’s straightforward legal contracts show you don’t need to be complicated and full of jargon to be effective.”
Sue Howard, Manager, 26TEN

‘Screen Access’ has also developed a code of conduct for filmmakers working with children in the screen industry.  

Tasmania does not have specific legislation about employing children in the screen industry.  The voluntary code of conduct for filmmakers working with children is an important fist step in bring the Tasmanian screen industry into line with other states.  It provides filmmakers, children and their guardians with an understanding of best industry practice when children are on set.”
WAT Executive Director, Abi Binning.

‘Screen Access’ will be launched on Saturday Dec 2 at 4pm at 6 Washington Street, South Hobart.  Following the launch, Wide Angle Tasmania will offer a workshop that helps filmmakers better understand the legal and practical considerations when making a film. 


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