End Game

End Game... three months support to work on your screen dream.

Wide Angle Tasmania provides Tasmanian screen practitioners with the framework and support to work strategically on achieving their dream. End Game will help you to define your long-term screen aspiration and then identify a first step that can be achieved in 3 months. 

Each round, filmmakers will be selected to participate in a 3 month programme of goal-setting, peer support, coaching and reflection designed to help you transform your great idea into action. End Game is delivered online to Tasmanian screen practitioners. The celebration event at the end of the three months will be held at Washington Street, Hobart.

Each participant will receive;
• One on one mentoring sessions to shape and evaluate the action plan to achieve your 3 month screen goal
• weekly feedback on your progress
• a network of colleagues undertaking End Game
• access to online goal setting software
• access to WAT SHARES to help achieve the steps identified in your action plan
• a launch event to celebrate your achievements

End Game is designed to:

  • develop entrepreneurial thinking and creative business skills for screen practitioners.
  • acquire skills and strategies that support a habit of goal setting and action planning to progress screen objectives.
  • forge a community of colleagues that understand and support filmmaker’s individual goals
  • acquire knowledge about, and practice in engaging broadly with the screen industry to support practitioner’s short term goals


End Game Round 4 is now complete! If you are interested in being involved in 2020, sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date.

If you are considering applying for the next round of End Game, check out the Visions and Goals Workbook below, to help you.

Vision and Goals Workbook - PDF

End Game Round 4 - June-August 2019

Tara Bufton - Write, direct, produce and act in a short film.
Jeff Kirkland - Shoot, direct and produce a short film.
Heidi Bedloe - Start self-promotion as an actor.
Darran Petty - Pre-production on a zombie feature film for a cause.
Rebecca Thomson - Organise healthy creative work/life regime.
Jane Hamilton-Foster - Write a six part web series.
Kaja Piatek - Create a three part web series.

End Game Round 3 - February-April 2019

Ellis Swinbourne - Write, direct and produce the short film The Quiet Boy
Frank Formby - Research documentary project and the industry.
Matthew Cooke - Complete final draft of a feature script.
Jon Lenthall - Start self-promotion as an actor.
Lauren Watson - Direct, produce and act in the short film Instadate
Rosemary Cann - Write, direct and produce the short film Paddy

End Game Round 2 - October-December 2018

Danny Youd - Write and direct a short film.
Mark Thomson - Live panel discussions and Q&A for YouTube streaming.
Oliver Potter - Write and direct the short film Wonderfluous
Joel Wilson - Complete final draft of a short film script.
Tom Roberts - Direct and produce a Squash Promotional Video
Cathy Allen - Create a series bible for a TV pitch.
Ben Morton - Write and direct the short film The Devil You Know
Patrick Foster - Organise festival strategy for short film.
Victoria Bremner - Complete final draft of a short film script.

End Game Round 1 - July-September 2018

Lisa Gormley - Screen business capacity building.
Aeshlie Wheeler - Screen business capacity building.
Michael Vivarelli - Screen business scoping and website design.
Kim Jacobs - Complete final draft of feature script.
Daniel James - Career pathway planning.
Andrew Hinze - Produce portfolio show reel.
Emma Wilson - Complete first draft of TV series script.





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