A Christmas Carol that tells of the elf who flies behind Santa cleaning up the reindeer poo.

WRITTEN & DIRECTED: Astrid Wells Cooper
PRODUCER: Nicholas Storr & Astrid Wells Cooper
YEAR: 2016

Douglas is an over looked elf who works tirelessly on Christmas night flying behind Santa, cleaning up all the reindeer poo. He feels unloved and hungry and is disappointed that children leave out food for Santa and the reindeers, but nothing for him. At one house, a wondrous surprise greets him when he finds a card and a slice of cake, especially for him, and his joy de vivre returns. He feels recognized and appreciated and is very happy.

This Christmas Carol encourages children to say thanks to Douglas, he works so hard, poor chap, trailing behind Santa with a great big bag of crap.


Industry screening - The Theatre Royal, June 25 2016
Breath of Fresh Air Film Festival - November 2016

Douglas - Blake Woodberry
Michael Elf – Michael Fortesque

Dancing Mother –Astrid Cooper
Rapt Child – Essie Cooper, Rafferty Cooper, Arlo Cooper, Sam Wilson, Tom Wilson, Abi Wilson
Trampoline Child – Christena Halliwell, Millie Halliwell
Choir - Susan Foster, Patrick Foster, Linda Versteegen, Kathy Tyquin, Liz Matthewson, Matthew Stolp, Maree Smith, Bridie Stolp, Miller Stolp, Lillie McNamara, Amanda Capaci
Dancing Girls -  Olivia Collinson, Chloe Struwe, Anna Croser, Brooke Mathers, Molly Turner, Kate Gallen



Producer/Writer/Director –Astrid Cooper
Producer – Nick Storr
Assistant Director/ Production Manager – Cathy Allen
D.O.P. – Aaron Luke Wilson
Assistant Camera – Samuel Bell
Production Designer -Penny Carey Wells
Composer – Nick Storr
Hair/Makeup/Wardrobe – Rachel Morrison
Stills Photographer – Aaron Luke Wilson
Graphic Designer/Stills - Cathy Allen
Editor - Aaron Luke Wilson
Assistant Editor - Astrid Cooper
Catering - Cathy Allen

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