Dave Flower


Dave Flower has worked in commercial television for more than 20 years. Starting in the industry fresh out of school, it was inevitable Dave would end up working in television. His parents both worked in television, so it was only natural that Dave’s exposure to television would rub off.

After working his way through every facet of studio production and on-air presentation, Dave took to producing. Since then he has worked in most areas of the industry, from current affairs, promo directing, field producing and post production documentary to name a few.

In addition, Dave has been integral in setting up a production company in India for the Nine Network. After working as Senior Producer on A Current Affair, Dave was offered the role as Executive Producer for Papua New Guinea’s EMTV commercial station. After this posting Dave worked for shows such as; Getaway, The Hothouse, 20 to 1, Big Brother, Queensland Escapes, The Rok Adventure and some others he can’t remember.

It is fair to say Dave is passionate about television. If he’s not making it, he’s watching it and if he’s not watching it, he’s always talking about it.



I am pretty versatile when it comes to TV production. From concepts and script writing, to producing and directing in the field and seeing a project through post-production, I'm pretty comfortable in various roles. Actually, if you want someone to drive your crew around and do ground logistics, I'm up for that as well. After 20 years in the industry, I still love everything about TV.

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