DigiDolly V2 Kit

Digidolly PRO Portable Track Dolly System with 3.8m track. With its seamless joins, the digidolly allows the operator to enjoy smooth movement along the aluminum track. The Digidolly system has a stable integration with the camera tripod, delivering professional results.

There are no tools required to put the Digidolly together. Every component slides together and is held by a single threaded bolt - saving yet more time. The Digidolly features a foam cushioning system that allows the digidolly to be set up anywhere in minutes.

The digidolly comes with a low-level camera mount (100mm bowl), already attached to the dolly for your convenience. The Digidolly has 3 elastic foot straps that connect to your tripod feet, ensuring your tripod will never come away from the Digidolly.


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