Daughter of San Domenico

Daughter of San Domenico is a poetic documentary that weaves decades of personal family footage with the fable-like story of Marisa’s return to her father’s Italian village where she found that the sacred home of her childhood was dying having been abandoned by the young like her.

WRITER & DIRECTOR: Marisa Mastrocola
PRODUCER: Ra’uf Lucien Simon
DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Robin Mastrocola & Marisa Mastrocola
DURATION: 8 mins 54 secs

Daughter of San Domenico - Raw Nerve 2009 from Wide Angle Tasmania on Vimeo.


In the year 2000 Marisa returned to San Domenico, her father’s village, to find that this place of her sweetest childhood memories, was dying, having been abandoned by the young. The old who remained saw in Marisa the child that she had been and the children who had left. For them it was as if the children had returned. But rather than embrace this, and be the child, Marisa rebelled and demanded that she be respected as an adult.

This evocative fable of family, memory and the pain of letting go of the child within is narrated by Marisa over sensual super 8 footage from her family’s visits to San Domenico in the 1970s.

Raw Nerve QR Film Festival - Taste of Tasmania, 2014
Tasmania Short Film Program, TMAG - March 2017

Narration: Marisa Mastrocola

Executive Producer - Beverley Jefferson
Series Producer - Roger Scholes
Script Editor - Jonathon Dawson
Editor - Rose Schramm
Composite Edit - Lucy Gouldthorpe
Initial Assembly Edit - Craige Langworthy
Composer - Heath Brown
Colour Grade and Post Sound - Mike Gissing


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