Daniela Brozek

After many years as an environmental consultant and marketing officer, Daniela is in the process of reorienting her professional life to be able to support storytellers and storytelling in all their forms. Primarily a writer and photographer, Daniela is extremely practical and adaptable, and keen to use her project management and marketing experience, not to mention wilderness guiding, in production and other aspects of film making.

Daniela was recently Production Assistant for Golden Moss's pilot, 'The Diver', which will be shown at the 2019 Venice Biennale. Director Jamie Helmer said: 'Your contributions to the project were profoundly helpful and intrinsic to pulling the whole thing off.'

Daniela thinks Wide Angle is great because she wants lutruwita-Tasmanians to be able to live fulfilling and sustainable lives on this island, and to share our amazing stories and unique insights with the world. A viable film industry here will be a great step in that direction and all efforts deserve support.

Daniela knows lutruwita-Tasmania's geography and heritage like few others...