Crew Database

I am a qualified carpenter with a background in hospitality, tourism and management.
I am very practical and hands on and think fast on my feet.
I am well organised and can both receive and give instruction.
I am thorough and have an eye for detail.
That's me in the onesie!

Role(s) / Industry: Production Designer Or Art Department

DARREN SWANSON is an experienced screenwriter with a slate of around 20 screenplays of most genres, both shorts and features. In 2013, he directed his first production BLUE SHIRT GREEN TIE, a short comedy he wrote specifically for Raw Nerve 2013. He is experienced in screenplay development, having developed his own screenplays for Australian producers and funding organizations.

Role(s) / Industry: Director, Writer

Dave Flower has worked in commercial television for more than 20 years. Starting in the industry fresh out of school, it was inevitable Dave would end up working in television. His parents both worked in television, so it was only natural that Dave’s exposure to television would rub off.

Role(s) / Industry: Location Manager, Producer Or Production Manager Or Assistant, Writer

With nearly 20 years experience as a Location Sound Recordist, David has recorded sound for some of the most respected TV shows in the world including Dan Rather Reports & 60 Minutes.

Role(s) / Industry: Sound Recordist

I have had experience in film, television, theatre, radio, music and art.
Currently working as a freelance editor in Hobart.

Role(s) / Industry: Cinematographer Or Camera Operator, Editor

Jonathon brings a wealth of experience in project management, quality control and writing to his film projects.

Role(s) / Industry: Assistant Director, Continuity, Writer

Tobi is a freelance sound recordist specialising in location audio. With experience in documentary, drama, commercial, and corporate videos, he brings a focused and professional attitude to any production.
Whether you are shooting a sit-down interview or an on the run doco, Tobi can capture the best possible sound with no fuss.

Role(s) / Industry: Sound Recordist

Kay grew up in the country where you had to fix/make anything you needed. Ex microbioligist, massage therapist, horse massage therapist, TAFE teacher. Currently roadie, videographer, social media person.

Role(s) / Industry: Runner