Heather’s people management and problem solving skills have made her an indispensable asset on many productions. She has experience in a broad range of Australian and US productions including documentary, docudrama, TVCs, Corporate Videos, TV Drama, Reality TV, Feature Films, Short Films and Music Videos.

Role(s) / Industry: Assistant Director, Producer Or Production Manager Or Assistant, Runner

A capable and eager filmmaker that has been interested in directing film from a young age, left Rosny with a level 4 Certificate in Screen and Media in 2014 and has worked in a number of small jobs on plenty of local projects, most recent of which being a small role on the Kettering Incident in 2014.

Role(s) / Industry: Director, Runner, Writer

Kay grew up in the country where you had to fix/make anything you needed. Ex microbioligist, massage therapist, horse massage therapist, TAFE teacher. Currently roadie, videographer, social media person.

Role(s) / Industry: Runner

Tristan is a born-and-bred 22-year-old Tasmanian writer. Think of him as like Clint Eastwood's character in The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly - no name, no past, and no clue what he's doing. He studied film and television at Rosny College, where he won an award for Best Screenplay for his comedy script Keep Off The Grass in 2009.

Role(s) / Industry: Runner, Writer