I'm an honours graduate of Film-making and Screenwriting from the University of the West of Scotland.
I've recently moved to North Tasmania from Scotland and I'm keen to get actively involved within the industry here. Over the past four years I've been involved with numerous student and independent productions in various roles.

Role(s) / Industry: Director, Producer Or Production Manager Or Assistant, Writer

A capable and eager filmmaker that has been interested in directing film from a young age, left Rosny with a level 4 Certificate in Screen and Media in 2014 and has worked in a number of small jobs on plenty of local projects, most recent of which being a small role on the Kettering Incident in 2014.

Role(s) / Industry: Director, Runner, Writer

I'm a Hobart local, with a keen interest in cinema, combat sports, and acting.
I have basic knowledge of camera operation, cinematography and editing. With a passion for writing and directing I 'm currently studying Cert III at Rosny College.
I'm a very fast learner with an excellent memory and I'm eager to join a film set with a great crew.

Role(s) / Industry: Director, Writer

December 2010 – Present Freelance video editor / animator / live sound engineer. Booking and sound mixing around Tasmania and interstate.

Role(s) / Industry: Animator, Director, Editor

Writer, director and editor. Interested in all genres and gaining more experience. I am first and foremost a writer, with interest in directing and editing. Writing is my passion, creating stories and characters is thoroughly exciting for me, especially with writing partners. I am able to write a script quickly given certain parameters (story beats, character types, etc).

Role(s) / Industry: Director, Editor, Writer

Hello. I'm a filmmaker, writer and photographer. I've made one short film, which you can watch here if you'd like:

Role(s) / Industry: Director, Stills Photographer, Writer

G'day. I am an early career writer/director looking to continue to make short films with a view to creating a low budget feature film. I'm interested in expanding and honing my skillset in all aspects of filmmaking, so please get in touch if you need a hand. If I can help I will.

Role(s) / Industry: Director, Producer Or Production Manager Or Assistant, Writer

DARREN SWANSON is an experienced screenwriter with a slate of around 20 screenplays of most genres, both shorts and features. In 2013, he directed his first production BLUE SHIRT GREEN TIE, a short comedy he wrote specifically for Raw Nerve 2013. He is experienced in screenplay development, having developed his own screenplays for Australian producers and funding organizations.

Role(s) / Industry: Director, Writer
  • Highly creative online content.
  • David Pyefinch  writes & directs, shoots and edits creative projects.
  • See the work here :
  • Online, broadcast and cinema delivery.
  • 25+ years professional experience in the film and television industry.
Role(s) / Industry: Cinematographer Or Camera Operator, Director, Editor