Crew Database

I'm an honours graduate of Film-making and Screenwriting from the University of the West of Scotland.
I've recently moved to North Tasmania from Scotland and I'm keen to get actively involved within the industry here. Over the past four years I've been involved with numerous student and independent productions in various roles.

Role(s) / Industry: Director, Producer Or Production Manager Or Assistant, Writer

Heather’s people management and problem solving skills have made her an indispensable asset on many productions. She has experience in a broad range of Australian and US productions including documentary, docudrama, TVCs, Corporate Videos, TV Drama, Reality TV, Feature Films, Short Films and Music Videos.

Role(s) / Industry: Assistant Director, Producer Or Production Manager Or Assistant, Runner

Tom works as part of Ignite Digi, one of the leading drone and on ground MoVI companies in Australia.
As an AFTRS Cinematography graduate, he brings his visual storytelling and on set knowledge to Ignite Digi.
Tom provides cinematic framing and motion that elevates your story to the next level.

Role(s) / Industry: Camera Assistant, Cinematographer Or Camera Operator

Matthew has composed for theatre and film since the early 80s in Tasmania and all over Australia. He is a multi instrumentalist who has a wide variety of musical interests. Genres vary from Roots music, Blues, Folk and World music to hip hop and experimental electronica. He has a great interest in location recording and sound design and often incorporates sound design into composition.

Role(s) / Industry: Composer, Sound Designer Or Post Sound, Sound Recordist

Mathew Farrell is an Australian based  photographer and cinematographer.
Mathew is equally adept at remote area location work as studio productions. He works as a producer and director of photography on corporate videos, commercials, documentaries, short and feature length films. He shoots stills for editorial, commercial and corporate clients.

Role(s) / Industry: Camera Assistant, Cinematographer Or Camera Operator, Stills Photographer

Striving to go beyond the line of duty! Experience in various genres and applications of work. Please find Vimeo channel attached.

Role(s) / Industry: Camera Assistant, Cinematographer Or Camera Operator, Editor

A capable and eager filmmaker that has been interested in directing film from a young age, left Rosny with a level 4 Certificate in Screen and Media in 2014 and has worked in a number of small jobs on plenty of local projects, most recent of which being a small role on the Kettering Incident in 2014.

Role(s) / Industry: Director, Runner, Writer

I'm a Hobart local, with a keen interest in cinema, combat sports, and acting.
I have basic knowledge of camera operation, cinematography and editing. With a passion for writing and directing I 'm currently studying Cert III at Rosny College.
I'm a very fast learner with an excellent memory and I'm eager to join a film set with a great crew.

Role(s) / Industry: Director, Writer

Trent Baumann has toured his highly original work to over fifteen countries around the world developing distinct talents in writing, directing and performing with national and international training focusing on Film, Education and Social Science.

Role(s) / Industry: Writer

Sarah is a highly experienced writer and producer of science and nature based television, who worked as a producer for Network Ten in Melbourne for almost seven years.  During this time Sarah wrote and produced:
- more than 670 stories for Network Ten's internationally award-winning children's science program, Scope

Role(s) / Industry: Producer Or Production Manager Or Assistant, Writer