Conditions of Hire

All hirers will be asked to sign a venue hire agreement with the following hire conditions outlined:

Terms and Conditions of hire

1.  Bookings

Make a booking by contacting Wide Angle Tasmania by phone (0362 238 344) or email.  Your booking will be confirmed once an invoice has been emailed to you. 

2.  Payment

Payment must be made in full before the hire date.

3.  Cancellation of Booking

If you cancel the booking less than 7 days before the date of the hire, WAT will charge you a fee equal to 25% of the invoice. 

If you cancel the booking less than 24 hours before the date of the hire, WAT will charge you a fee equal to 50% of the invoice. 

4.  Security Bond

The hirer will pay $100 security bond at least one week before the hire.  This bond will be refunded provided that all the hire conditions are met.

The bond serves as security against damage to the building or contents, additional cleaning that results from the hire, security call outs and/or failure to return keys.

The hirer is responsible for any additional costs (over the bond amount) to meet the costs of any damage, security call outs and/or cleaning required.

5.  Safety and Security

The hirer must attend a familiarization session at the venue to be shown how to manage the venue (opening up, closing, rubbish, storage and alarm system).  The hirer is responsible for locking up at the end of the hire.  If a security call out is required due to hirer error, the hirer will be charged the call out fee.

It is the responsibility of the hirer to be in attendance at the venue and ensure the safety and wellbeing of their guests, and maintain good order of guests in the facility, including complying with any gathering limits and social distancing requirements in place to reduce the spread of covid-19.

The hirer agrees that all people operating the cinema equipment (light, rack, laptop, audio, mixer etc.) will wear disposable gloves when using the equipment.

6.  Insurances

It is the responsibility of the hirer to hold a current public liability insurance policy to cover the use of the facility and the hirer will need to provide a copy of the certificate of currency.

Wide Angle Tasmania is not liable for any loss, damage or theft sustained by the hirer – or to any third party providing equipment to the hirer. 

Wide Angle Tasmania may provide public liability insurance for a hirer who does not have the capacity to take out their own public liability insurance.  This will only apply if the contract includes this arrangement at Section A and Section E.

7.  Alcohol

If you wish to serve alcohol at your event you will need to apply for a permit from Wide Angle Tasmania.

If you wish to serve and sell alcohol at your event you will need to apply for a liquor permit form WAT and also seek permission from the Commissioner of Licensing (Licensing Board of Tasmania)

8.  Set-up, set-down and cleaning

The venue needs to be returned to how it was before the hire, including:

Cleaning – sweeping, mopping and vacuuming as required. All rubbish/recyclables to be emptied to bins at rear.  Additional cleaning will be charged out at $50 per hour.

All kitchenware, tables, chairs and equipment to be returned to their storage places

Anything brought onto the premises needs to be removed at the end of the hire

9.  Smoking

No smoking within the premises

10. Right to refuse hire

WAT has the right to refuse to grant the hire of the facility.

11. Acts and regulations

The hirer shall comply with all relevant Acts and Regulations and shall be liable for any breaches.

12.  Occupancy

The hirer shall use only those parts of the facility as agreed.  The hirer shall only be on premises within the period of hire as agreed.

13.  Assignment/Transfer

Hirers shall not assign or transfer the right to use of the facility to any other person or organization.  The hirer shall not pass the keys to any other person.

14.  Maximum number of people

When no gathering restrictions apply: The venue is licensed for a maximum of 70 people.  The hirer shall ensure that no more than 70 people are within the facility.

When gathering restrictions are in place the hirer shall comply with with any gathering restrictions that are in place to reduce the spread of covid-19. The hirer shall ensure that they do not allow more people to enter the building than listed in the hire contract.

15.  Performing Rights

The hirer shall not reproduce any performances that are subject to copyright or performance rights.  The hirer agrees to indemnify Wide Angle Tasmania against any claim for breach of copyright or any other action.


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