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In 2021 we're showcasing the grit we’ve seen in the Tasmanian community as we rebuild from Covid-19. We invite you to engage your community members to contribute to the GRIT Gallery. It’s easy to get involved and your community will be part of a 2 year statewide art project.

What is the GRIT Gallery?

The GRIT Gallery is an online collection of personal photos, text and video stories of grit contributed by people of all ages from around Tasmania.  The stories celebrate the strength and resilience of our people – even when we experience tough times.  The stories are personal and are told through:

  • Photos with captions
  • Short videos (under 20mins) and
  • Written stories (under 500 words)

How can our community participate?

  1. Talk with your community members about the idea of GRIT – when did they (or someone they know) show resilience, courage or tenacity? How did that person show GRIT?
  2. Check out the GRIT Gallery and see what others have contributed
  3. Decide whether to tell your stories in a photo, in text or on video – if you have a staff member or volunteer who has some skills then get them involved to help out.
  4. Checkout the tip sheets, resources an toolkits available to use with your community members – they include some great tips to create powerful stories
  5. Plan and create your stories – and share them with other project members. Decide which stories to upload to the GRIT Gallery
  6. Upload the stories to the GRIT Gallery
  7. Think about other ways to share these stories – share them via social media, create posters to pop up around town or hold an exhibition.

What will participants get out of being involved?

  • Have fun and be creative – and learn some photography or video skills
  • tell their own story using words, photo or video
  • help other Tasmanians understand what it’s like to live their life
  • raise awareness of personal and community issues
  • be active in shaping policy in their community and state
  • have their contribution published online

What will our community or group get out of being involved?

  • A fun, no-cost, accessible project that can run for one session or become a much larger scale project
  • Showcase the experiences, talents and strength of your community to the broader Tasmanian community
  • Be part of a statewide arts project
  • Provide a context to discuss resilience with your community
  • Gather a wealth of stories from your community members to use in your communications (social media, websites, newsletters, annual reports etc.)

Why would we want to provide our community with an arts experience?

The arts have the potential to bridge our worlds, harness the wisdom of our different views, engage our imagination to explore new ways of thinking, and create experiences that can be shared by all people in our community. Arts-based engagement can promote cooperation, awareness of local issues and the reduction of social isolation, all of which contributes to a shared sense of community pride and identity (The Arts Ripple Effect: Valuing the Arts in Communities).


Download the GRIT call out for Organisations to get involved pdf.


Go to the GRIT Help Sheet page for more useful resources.


Toolkits for photography

These two resources are fantastic for any community leader who is keen to help get their community telling their stories using Photovoice as a model. Most Photovoice projects use photos, but the model works really well with video and text as well.   You'll find session outlines, templates, tips for using cameras and suggestions for exhibitions.


Facilitator's Toolkit for a Photovoice Project                       Photovoice Facilitator's Guide


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