Brian Toggle is a self-proclaimed timekeeper and expert drummer who plays in Tasmanian art pop band, Sunset Thrills.

DURATION: 9mins, 52 secs
YEAR: 2019

Brian ‘Toggs’ Toggle is a seasoned drummer and self-proclaimed timekeeper from the town of Ulver-stone, Tasmania. Toggs talks to filmmaker Ursula Woods about dimensions of drumming and how the significant town clock influenced his rhythmic thinking as a child. Is time the most important element in the music we like to listen to? Clockumentary takes a look at life through a drummer’s lens. Playing with young art-pop group ‘Sunset Thrills’, Toggs encounters artistic differences with the band.

Screenings & Awards

Documentary Film Festival, Melbourne, Victoria, May 2021
BOFA (Breath of Fresh Air) Film Festival, Online, May 2021
Nerve 2019 Industry Screening, Hobart, February 2020
SNIFF (Southern Nomads International Film Festival), Queenstown, Tasmania, February 2020
Nominated for Best First-Time Film Director at ALTFF, March 2020
Brighton Rocks UK Film Festival (online due to Covid), August 2020
Semi-Finalist at Best Short Fest (Canada), September 2020



Mike Brooke – Brian Toggle
Michael Panton – Mick
Louisa Hogue - keyboardist
Oliver Gathercole - bassist

Writer/ Director/Producer - Ursula Woods
Executive Producer - Abi Binning
Mentor Producer & Script Editor - Troy Melville
DOP - Richard Williams & Mike Gissing
Sound Recording - Mike Gissing
Camera 2 - Jacob Collings
Assistant Director - Lucy Crispin
Editor / Associate Producer - Rose Vallentine
Composer - Jethro Pickett 
Sound Editing & Colour Grade - Mike Gissing, Digital City Studios

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