Brian Toggle is a self-proclaimed timekeeper and expert drummer who plays in Tasmanian art pop band, Sunset Thrills.

DURATION: 9mins, 52 secs
YEAR: 2019

Brian ‘Toggs’ Toggle is a seasoned drummer and self-proclaimed timekeeper from the town of Ulver-stone, Tasmania. Toggs talks to filmmaker Ursula Woods about dimensions of drumming and how the significant town clock influenced his rhythmic thinking as a child. Is time the most important element in the music we like to listen to? Clockumentary takes a look at life through a drummer’s lens. Playing with young art-pop group ‘Sunset Thrills’, Toggs encounters artistic differences with the band.

Screenings & Awards

Nerve 2019 Industry Screening - Hobart, February 2020
SNIFF (Southern Nomads International Film Festival) Queenstown Tasmania Feb 2020
Nominated for Best First-Time Film Director at ALTFF March 2020
Melbourne Documentary Film Festival - Vic, June-July, 2020
Brighton Rocks UK Film Festival (online due to Covid) August 2020
Semi-Finalist at Best Short Fest (Canada) September 2020



Mike Brooke – Brian Toggle
Michael Panton – Mick
Louisa Hogue - keyboardist
Oliver Gathercole - bassist

Writer/ Director/Producer - Ursula Woods
Executive Producer - Abi Binning
Mentor Producer & Script Editor - Troy Melville
DOP - Richard Williams & Mike Gissing
Sound Recording - Mike Gissing
Camera 2 - Jacob Collings
Assistant Director - Lucy Crispin
Editor / Associate Producer - Rose Vallentine
Composer - Jethro Pickett 
Sound Editing & Colour Grade - Mike Gissing, Digital City Studios

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