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It allows me to make acquaintance with local media workers.

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    WAT shares

    WAT shares is a timebank for Tasmanian screen practitioners that is the first stage of creating a more self-sustaining screen community. It enables WAT members to exchange their skills and experiences without using cash via a simple online platform. When members share their knowledge or expertise they receive WAT shares that can be exchanged with others in our community. Give an hour, receive an hour. It's an exciting new way to learn skills, build businesses and be mentored.

    The WAT shares website is currently being developed and will be launched in early 2018. This pilot project is supported by the Tasmanian Community Fund


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    Check out Wide Angle Tasmania. I just joined.

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    student membership

    Annual student membership is available at a discount to fulltime students at high school, college, TAFE or uni.

    WAT membership connects you with the Tasmanian screen sector and allows you to access a range of beneifts:

    • receive a 30% discount when you hire production equipment from WAT
    • be part of the WAT crew directory - a great way to profile your skills, connect with others and gain referrals for work opportunities
    • access initiatives and professional development opportunities that WAT offers
    • apply for equipment subsidy and sponsorship
    • low cost production insurance for eligible projects
    • receive an hour-long consultation with the WAT production team
    • apply to advertise your project or event through the WAT newsletter

    Thanks for joining us!