Baumann, Trent

Role(s) / Industry: 

Trent Baumann has toured his highly original work to over fifteen countries around the world developing distinct talents in writing, directing and performing with national and international training focusing on Film, Education and Social Science. “Idiosyncratic Genius”–The Scotsman He has gained much acclaim for his one man variety shows as ‘The Birdmann’, even appearing at The Sydney Opera House. “Show Like No Other”–Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Recently making a TV debut on Renegade Film’s “Studio at the Memo” Trent Baumann is dedicated to evolving his talents to exciting new ventures in the future. “The Guy is Good”–The Age


Trent Baumann graduated from the Queensland University of Technology focusing on Theatre and Film.  A highly experienced actor and established writer having trained further with the Jacob Kruger Studios in New York focusing on feature film writing, the Pixar Master Class studying story and attending lectures at the Seattle International Film Festival.  More recently Trent has been accepted into Wide Angles ‘Raw Materials’ to develop a highly original short film.
“There’s something other worldly, a gift for observational and linguistic incongruity, obtuse, lilting and intensely epigrammatic, ingenious, highly original comedy.”- The Age