Audacity Fund

Seven screen projects were supported into production through Wide Angle Tasmania’s Audacity Fund.  With a strong mix of genres and teams, the films premiered at WAT’s ‘Hurrah Hurrah’ at the Theatre Royal in June, 2016

Huge congratulations to:

The Birdmann ‘Live’
‘The internationally infamous Birdmann’s greatest comedy variety acts in front of a live audience.’
Rose Schramm (producer), Trent Baumann (co-director, writer) & Andy Wilson (co-director)
50 minutes for DVD release - $1,500

‘Needing to prove that he literally can’t live without his ex- girlfriend, Brian Fellini forces his health into a life threatening condition – all while a video camera rolls.’
Daniel Peek (producer, director, writer)
11 minute short comedy for festival release - $2,000

'A Christmas Carol that tells of the elf who flies behind Santa cleaning up the reindeer poo.'
Astrid Wells Cooper (co-producer, director, writer) & Nicholas Storr (co-producer)
2 minute short musical for web delivery - $1,500

Before It Falls
'The Totem Pole has captured the imaginations, blood, sweat and tears of many of the world’s greatest climbers. When their efforts have all come and gone the rock, the precarious Totem Pole, is all that endures.'
Simon Bischoff (co-producer, director) & Mathew Farrell (co-producer)
15 minute documentary for festival delivery - $11,000

The Calling Hours
'David doesn’t understand what’s happening, but his wife Angela does. She knows where he is, and why his mouth is so dry. She knows why he can’t move, and how many short minutes they have together. Angela knows her husband David is dead.'
Tim Logan (writer) Shaun Wilson (producer, director)
6 minute short horror/drama for festival delivery - $5,000

Blood of Life
In 2011 Jim Everett was arrested protesting the construction of a highway across Aboriginal land. Fighting to be heard, is the story of one of Tasmania’s best known Aboriginal elders and his fight to share and protect the heritage, stories and history of his people.
Troy Melville (co-producer, director), Jim Everett (co-producer)
7 minute documentary for festival release, $2,564

The Garden
'We journey through a suburban garden and discover an eclectic bunch of garden ornaments, insects and animals existing in a world of interconnectedness, conflict and struggle, coping with the impending natural cycle of growth and decay.'
Craige Langworthy (producer and director)
11 minute art film for festival and web release, $3,000

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