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End Game... three months support to work on your screen dream
Wide Angle Tasmania provides Tasmanian screen practitioners with the framework and support to work strategically on achieving their dream. End Game will help you to define your long-term screen aspiration and then identify a first step that can be achieved in 3 months. Applications for Round 7 are now open for up to 7 participants. Starts May 3, showcase is August 6, 2021.  Each round, filmmakers will be selected to participate in a 3 month programme of goal-setting, peer support, coaching and reflection designed to help you transform your great idea into action. End Game is delivered online to Tasmanian screen practitioners.  Each participant receives;

  • One on one mentoring sessions to shape and evaluate the action plan to achieve your 3 month screen goal
  • weekly feedback on your progress
  • a network of colleagues undertaking End Game
  • access to online goal setting software
  • access to online bank of resource to support your goal
  • access to production equipment and insurances for those enrolled in the 'short form production stream' of End Game.
  • access to WAT SHARES to help achieve the steps identified in your action plan
  • a launch event to celebrate your achievements

Apply: By April 21
Where: Tasmania - delivered online 
$120 for WAT members

If you are considering applying for End Game, register for the End Game info session and workshop on April 9. Selection for End Game is competitive and will be assessed on the application and workbook submitted. The full course cost is $120 (includes GST payable). If you are keen to be involved but are unable to pay the full fee upfront, please get in touch with WAT's Executive Director Abi Binning to discuss your situation directly. WAT may be able to provide additional support for active contributors to the screen community.  

Click here for more info and to download the application pack. 

April 21, 2021 at 4:00pm - 7pm

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