Wide Angle Tasmania is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that has delivered grassroots opportunities and resources to the Tasmanian screen since 2003.
Our vision is a community that celebrates, values and supports Tasmanian films and filmmakers. 

Wide Angle Tasmania's purpose is to reflect and shape Tasmanian culture through film.  We champion Tasmanian filmmakers.

Wide Angle's strategic aims are:

          ✦  Capable & creative filmmakers
          ✦  Create screen works that reflect and shape Tasmanian culture
          ✦  A strong screen community
          ✦  A visible & viable organisation

Our values:

          ✦  We act with integrity, always.
          ✦  We treat people with respect in all dealings.
          ✦  We put mission and community before self.
          ✦  We inspire creativity and build culture.
          ✦  We focus on impact.
          ✦  Our results matter.

WAT Annual Reports:

2019 Annual Report

2018 WAT Annual Report

2017 WAT Annual Report


2016 WAT Annual Report

2015 WAT Annual Report

2014 WAT Annual Report

2013 WAT Annual Report

2012 WAT Annual Report

2011 WAT Annual Report

2010 WAT Annual Report

2009 WAT Annual Report

2008 WAT Annual Report

Other Files:

WAT Service Charter

WAT Volunteer Policy

WAT Sponsorship Policy


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