Abi Binning - General Manager

Sept 2010 - Present

Abi is an independent producer and principal of the production company, Move Media. Abi has a number of credits in both broadcast documentary and short drama. Before entering the film industry, Abi worked extensively across the education sector as a teacher, researcher and curriculum writer.


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    story development mentorship

    Applications are now open for help to make your film.  Mentor sessions are provided by phone/skype or in person at Wide Angle Tas.

    Download Application Form (word)
    Download Application form (pdf)

    Do you want to make a film or tell a movie story? Not sure how to start? Or not sure how to make a better film? Wide Angle welcomes beginners and experienced filmmakers alike to learn industry skills for putting your film ideas into a screenplay.

    Wide Angle has teamed up with Robert Watson to offer WAT members the opportunity for free one-on-one mentorship in story development during 2019.  This mentorship will provide you with the thinking skills to create your film idea as a screenplay. It can be a true or made-up story.

    Robert Watson has long experience in both the world film industry and in Australian education, helping young people, new filmmakers and top industry filmmakers develop their film ideas. As a studio creative executive, Robert has worked with the screenplay ideas performed by Cate Blanchett, Hugh Jackman, Sigourney Weaver, Matt Damon, Judi Dench, Russell Crow, Katie Holmes, Heath Ledger and many other stars. Robert has mentored hundreds of teenagers and adults in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Tasmania as they explore their own film idea and recreate it as a screenplay. Your privacy, ownership and the confidentiality of your idea is respected and supported.

    A limited number of free mentoring sessions are available.  To take advantage of this offer:

    • you will need to be a current WAT member and signed up for WAT SHARES. Each session with Robert will debit your account of 1 WAT SHARE.
    • Complete the application form and email it to info@wideangle.org.au

    For questions, please email info@wideangle.org.auor call 6223 3844.

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    screening calendar

    Wide Angle Tasmania is delighted to present the following screenings.  Please click through for more information about each screening and to reserve your seat.

    See all events

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    Events & Opps

    Each year Wide Angle Tasmania runs special initiatives to help develop Tasmanian screen practitioners by learning and making.

    Upcoming events can be found here.

    Current opportunities are listed above.

    An ongoing initiative is WAT SHARES - a time bank for Tasmanian filmmakers to trade their skills and experience.  Check it out here.

    For production opportunities, check out NERVE - each year Wide Angle provides Tasmanian screen practitioners with their first shot at production. 

    END GAME is a 3 month programme of goal-setting, peer support, coaching and reflection designed to help you transform your great idea into action.  Applications for Round 4 (starting June 2019) will open soon.

    The Washington Residency provides Tasmanian screen practitioners with the opportunity to concentrate on their screen project or screen business for a period of between one and three months.  Applications for April residencies are open now.

    Run over two months, TasDOCS is a combination of practical workshops, resources to produce your film and feedback to strengthen your storytelling.  Designed to build on your existing technical skills, TasDOCS explores ways to strengthen your visual storytelling to create a film that speaks to an audience.

    You can also check out the previous initiatives that have been offered by Wide Angle Tasmania here.



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    NERVE 2019

    NERVE 2019... for your first shot at production  
    Applications are NOW CLOSED

    Big congratulations to Sam Tooker, Ursula Woods and Jeff Kirkland who are this year’s NERVE recipients who will each go forward to produce their very first professional short films. Sam has written and will direct his irreverent comedy film Dennis Shake, Ursula is developing her musical mock- umentary Clockumentary and Jeff is working with producer Tara Bufton on gritty crime drama Red. Read on here for more info.

    Download the Guidelines and Application pack here (pdf)

    Download the Guidelines and Application pack here (word)

    Have you got a killer idea for a short film that you know audiences will love?  Need some funds to make it? In 2019 three short films will be produced through Nerve 2019 – and this is your chance to be selected.

    NERVE 2019 is  delivered by Wide Angle Tasmania for Tasmanian filmmakers. If selected, you’ll have an experienced  filmmaker mentor you throughout - from honing your story through to distribution. You’ll receive $3,000 cash to fund the production of a short film (3 – 7minutes) that will play well to festival audiences.  You’ll also receive access to equipment, facilities, insurances and a professional colour grade and sound mix… and we’ll launch your film at a gala industry event.

    What’s the timeline?
    If you’re selected for NERVE 2019 it’ll consume most of your thoughts and time from September to November.  If you have a great team around you, you’ll be able to share the load, but make sure you can balance the demands of the programme with your other obligations – the timeline below isn’t flexible. 


    What’s happening?


    June 1

    Applications open

    Read the guidelines and mark some dates in your diary

    6.30pm Friday July 19

    Info session @ Wide Angle

    Join us to find out more about NERVE 2019.  Is it for you?  How do you apply?

    6.30 – 8.30pm Friday July 26

    Speed networking

    A chance to meet filmmakers and expand your team

    4pm Monday August 5

    Applications close

    Email your application to info@wideangle.org.au

    August 6 - 31

    Assessment process/contracting

    We’ll let you know if you’re successful and step you through the contracting process

    Sept – Nov 11


    Work with your team to create an incredible short film!

    Nov 11 - 27

    Mix and Grade

    Head to the studio (allow two days)

    November 28


    Deliver your project (and all the paperworkJ) to Wide Angle

    Dec 2019 – January 2020 TBC

    Industry screening

    A gala event with your film screening alongside other films supported by Wide Angle in 2019


    Am I eligible for NERVE 2019?

    This initiative is designed to support early career Tasmanian filmmakers who are seeking a mentored approach to developing and producing their screen project.  Read below to make sure that you and your team meet all of the following eligibility criteria.  If you have any questions about whether or not you are eligible, get in touch.

    • You and your key team members must be permanent residents of Tasmania who are financial WAT members.
    • You must hold the rights to make the film and/or be able to demonstrate access.
    • The team must include an early career director. We define this as a director who has never had any work commissioned for television, nor received production funding from any state or federal agency.  Teams may include experienced producers/editors/cinematographers.  We strongly encourage teams with a track record of collaboration to apply.
    • You and your core team have a history of engaging with WAT and the Tasmanian screen community.
    • The project must be an independent production - projects cannot be produced as part of any coursework.


    How do I apply to NERVE 2019?

    1. We are here to help – make a time to come and discuss your project or ask for help if there are any barriers we can help you to overcome in preparing your application, including chain of title queries.Contact us during office hours on 6223 8344 or email info@wideangle.org.au. 
    2. Copies of Raw Nerve films produced in previous years can be borrowed from the WAT resource library for free.
    3. Application Form and Attachments must be emailed by 4pm August 5. You will receive an email to confirm the receipt of your application no later than 4pm Aug 6
    4. Shortlisted applicantsmay be invited to attend an interview with the selection panel
    5. 5.  All applicants will be notified of the outcome no later than Aug 31. This email will include a summary of the panel’s feedback about the strong points and the weaknesses across all the applications that were received.  We can’t provide feedback on individual applications, and the panel’s decision is final.

    How will my application be assessed?

    The panel assesses each application against theses criteria:

    1. The strength of the story(eg. Is it actually a story or just an issue/character sketch? Does the story excite or inspire the panel? Is it likely to resonate with an audience?  Is it best told as a short film?)
    2. The strength of the style/structure(eg. Is the proposal or story told in a bold/innovative/compelling way? How strong is the visual storytelling?)
    3. The strength of the team(eg. is this the right team to tell this story?Does the team have the skills to manage, shoot, edit and distribute the film? Does the team recognise their weaknesses? Have they collaborated previously? With the support provided by the initiative, will the team be able to manage the production effectively?  Is this team contributing to a vibrant, diverse and renewable Tasmanian screen culture?)
    4. The benefit to the team (eg. will this project help the team achieve their screen aspirations? Will this project help build collaborative partnerships?)
    5. The level of engagement the team has had with WAT and the Tasmanian screen community
    6. The value of allocating resources to THIS project and team ( Is the project and team a good fit for the initiative? Are all elements of the initiative likely to be valued by the team? Is it likely to be realised effectively through the initiative? How does this project/team align with Wide Angle’s strategic objectives? How does this project and team rate against other applications? Can the project be funded elsewhere?)

    More info found in the guidelines.


    We are grateful for the support of State Growth – their support provides funds for the attachment of mentors to the team and project.

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    Little Beauty

    When a country football team loses its sponsor, the homophobic team captain enters a drag pageant to raise the money.

    WRITER/DIRECTOR: Mick Lowenstein
    PRODUCER: Mick Lowenstein & Tracey Cosgrove
    DURATION: 8mins 17secs
    YEAR: 2018

    After winning the country football grand final, Jade the team captain, finds out that the club’s major sponsor has pulled out. The team manager, Russell, tries to convince Jade to enter the “You Little Beauty” Pageant to help raise funds. In an op shop, Jade and his mates run into Matthew, a young gay man and tease him. Matthew stands up for himself, inflaming Jade’s aggression. Matthew compares Jade’s violence to his father, which forces Jade to reflect on his actions. Jade reluctantly takes part in the pageant but the event is upstaged by Matthew appearing in stunning drag. The player’s taunting becomes violent. Jade finds the courage to stand up for the person he’d previously abused and points out Matthew’s courage to the rest of the town.


    Nerve 2018 Industry screening - Hobart, January 2019
    Flickerfest 2019 - Cygnet, May 2019

    Jade - Connor Carthy
    Matthew - Joshua Scott
    Russell - Matthew Stolp
    Bender - Jared Goldsmith


    WRITER/DIRECTOR: Mick Lowenstein
    PRODUCER: Mick Lowenstein & Tracey Cosgrove 
    Script Editor - Ranald Allen
    Director of Photography - Aaron Luke Wilson
    Production Manager - Cathy Allen
    Assistant Director - Cathy Allen
    Sound Recordist - Frederic Moll
    Boom Operator - Tom Roberts
    Continuity - Victoria Woodfall
    Camera Assistant/B camera operator - Atak Ngor
    Gaffer - Richard Williams
    Gaffer - Ralph Williams
    Best Boy - Brad Harris
    Production Designer - Nicole Winspear
    Art Assistant - Eleanor Stancombe
    Costume Designer - Nicole Winspear
    Make-up Artist -Matthew Stolp
    Make-up Artist - Jane Howard
    Specialised make-up - Andrew Michael
    Stills Photographers - Ken McColl and Brad Harris
    Unit Manager - Ruby Grant
    Unit Assistant - Tom Roberts
    Catering - Tracey Cosgrove and Ruby Grant
    Production Assistants - Oliver Potter and Felicity Wilkinson
    Casting Director - Cathy Allen
    Graphic Design and VFX - Aaron Luke Wilson
    Editor - Justin “Pyrate” Smith
    Sound Editor and Colour grade– Mike Gissing, Digital City Studios

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    Two young adults, Andrea and Caleb, come face to face with the complexities of sexual consent and realise technology won’t provide the answers.

    WRITER: Adam Ransley
    DIRECTOR/PRODUCER: George Underwood
    DURATION: 9mins 43secs
    YEAR: 2018

    In the not too distant future sexual consent is still presenting problems for humans. Andrea and Caleb use an app that records each others consent, but there’s something not quite right about Karen, Caleb’s AI home computer. Andrea asks for her to be put into sleep mode before they get intimate, but when things are well under way Andrea notices Karen still standing in the corner of the bedroom, filming them. Movie-staring her. Caleb’s making secrete pornos. Andrea storms out, but not before enlisting Karen’s help to turn the tables on Caleb.


    Nerve 2018 Industry screening - Hobart, January 2019

    Samantha James-Radford - Andrea
    Felix Jarvis - Caleb 
    Sara Cooper - Karen 
    Emalisa White - Chloe 

    Director/Producer - George Underwood 
    Writer - Adam Ransley 
    Executive Producer - Abi Binning
    Script Mentor - Claire d'Este
    Mentor Producer - Di Drew 
    Director Of Photography - Aaron Luke Wilson 
    Production Manager - Emma Wilson
    Ellie Smith - Assistant Director
    Rose Schramm - Sound Recordist
    Ville Karvonen - Boom Operator
    Rachael Cleary - Continuity
    Mathew Farrell - Gaffer
    Caleb Schenk - Best Boys
    Lauren Watson - 1st Assistant Camera
    Fiona Lloyd - Production Designer
    Fiona Lloyd - Props
    Oliver Potter - Set Dresser
    Emily Roberts - Standby Props
    Joanne Collins - Costume Designer
    Kaja Piatek - Make-Up Artist
    Brad Harris - Stills Photographer
    Lauren Wilson - Stills Photography
    Emma Wilson - Unit Manager
    Cathy Allen - Casting Assistant
    Brad Harris - Drone Pilot
    Adam Ransley - Drone Pilot
    Oliver Potter - Stunt Driver
    Jeff Kirkland - Green Screen
    Driftwood Restaurant – Catering
    Tim Berry - Runner
    Holly Bearman - Production Assistant 
    Nick Storr - Composer
    Saxon Hornett - Composer
    Mike Sampey - Visual Effects
    Benjamin Nelan - Visual Effects
    Mike Sampey - Editor
    Mike Gissing (Digital City Studios) - Sound Editor
    Mike Gissing (Digital City Studios) - Colour Grade 

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    pay an invoice

    Thanks for booking equipment, tickets or registering for a course with Wide Angle Tasmania.  If you'd like to pay online, you can do that here!

    Please click the 'other' amount and enter the amount on the invoice.  You will be redirected to paypal where you can pay using your credit card or paypal account.

    If you already have an invoice number already, please reference that so that we can track your payment.

    You will receive a receipt from paypal that the payment has been made.  WAT will email you an invoice once we have received confirmation that the funds have been received.

    Cheers!  Any problems, please contact us on 6223 8344 or email info@wideangle.org.au


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    equipment hire

    WAT provides quality film production equipment in Tasmania and offer a 30% discount on gear hire to all current financial members.  All prices include GST and insurance.  

    To book, please call 0362 238 344, email info@wideangle.org.au or make a request through our website here.

    Download a printable RATE CARD here.

    Ratecard Thumbnail

    Click through for tech specs and tutorials for each piece of equipment. 






    24 HRS




    24 HRS



    Canon EOS C100 HD Camera

    123.2 184.8 492.8   176 264 704

    Canon 5D Mark IV Camera

    123.2 184.8 492.8   176 264 704

    Black Magic 4K Camera

    123.2 184.8 492.8   176 264 704

    DJI Osmo 4K Camera

    53.9 80.85 215.6   77 115.5 308

    Panasonic 4K Camcorder

    61.6 92.4 246.4   88 132 352

    Sony PMW-EXI HD Camera

    61.6 92.4 246.4   88 132 352

    Canon Legria HV40 HDV Camcorder

    38.5 57.75 154   55 82.5 220

    Richo Theta 360 VR Digital Camera

    38.5 57.75 154   55 82.5 220






    24 HRS




    24 HRS



    Canon Prime Lens Kit - 20mm, 35mm, 50mm & 85mm

    46.2 69.3 184.8   66 99 264

    Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM Lens

    46.2 69.3 184.8   66 99 264

    Canon EF 16 - 35mm f/2.8L II USM Wide Angle Lens

    46.2 69.3 184.8   66 99 264

    Canon 24-70mm f2.8L

    46.2 69.3 184.8   66 99 264

    Canon 24 - 105mm f/4L IS USM Lens

    46.2 69.3 184.8   66 99 264

    Canon EF 70 - 200mm f/2.8L IS II USM Lens

    46.2 69.3 184.8   66 99 264

    Lensbaby Pro-Effects Kit

    46.2 69.3 184.8   66 99 264






    24 HRS




    24 HRS



    Miller Fluid Head Tripod

    30.8 46.2 123.2   44 66 176

    Manfrotto Monopod

    7.7 11.55 30.8   11 16.5 44

    Redrock DSLR Cinema Bundle

    61.6 92.4 246.4   88 132 352

    Redrock Micro Shoulder Mount

    15.4 23.1 61.6   22 33 88

    Digi Dolly V2 Kit

    46.2 69.3 184.8   66 99 264

    Rockn V-7SDI 7 inch LED Camera Top Monitor - w/ HDMI/SDI

    30.8 46.2 123.2   44 66 176

    VF-4 LCD Viewfinder

    7.7 11.55 30.8   11 16.5 44

    Dinkum Systems Pack  - 3 different packs available

    7.7 11.55 30.8   11 16.5 44

    Phone Accessories Kit

    7.7 11.55 30.8   11 16.5 44






    24 HRS




    24 HRS



    Steadicam Smoothee

    15.4 23.1 61.6   22 33 88

    Autopilot Stabilizer System

    23.1 34.65 92.4   33 49.5 132






    24 HRS




    24 HRS



    Dedolight - Dedo Basic Tugsten 3 Light Kit 150W

    53.9 80.85 215.6   77 115.5 308

    Ianiro Redhead Lighting Kit

    46.2 69.3 184.8   66 99 264

    6 Tube Fluoro Lamp - Daylight

    30.8 46.2 123.2   44 66 176

    Lightek 1x1 LED panel

    38.5 57.75 154   55 82.5 220

    LED on Camera Light - 3 Lights Available

    7.7 11.55 30.8   11 16.5 44

    3 Light LED kit

    61.6 92.4 246.4   88 132 352

    V-Lock Batteries

    30.8 46.2 123.2   44 66 176

    HMI - 150W Light (5600K)

    23.1 34.65 92.4   33 49.5 132

    HMI Gobo Attachment

    7.7 11.55 30.8   11 16.5 44

    Light Stands - 5 Available

    7.7 11.55 30.8   11 16.5 44

    C Stand (3.25m) - 2 Available

    15.4 23.1 61.6   22 33 88

    Reflector 5-in-1 or Silver/White/Gold

    7.7 11.55 30.8   11 16.5 44

    Reflector Holder

    7.7 11.55 30.8   11 16.5 44

    Super Clamps

    7.7 11.55 30.8   11 16.5 44

    Green Screen

    46.2 69.3 184.8   66 99 264

    Portable Green Screen

    7.7 11.55 30.8   11 16.5 44

    Background System

    7.7 11.55 30.8   11 16.5 44






    24 HRS




    24 HRS



    Zoom F8 Multitrack Field Recorder 

    38.5 57.75 154   55 82.5 220

    Zoom H4 Next Handy Recorder 

    15.4 23.1 61.6   22 33 88

    Azden FMX-42 4 Channel Field Mixer

    15.4 23.1 61.6   22 33 88

    Beachtek DXA-5DA and DXA-2T XLR Adaptor for DSLRs

    7.7 11.55 30.8   11 16.5 44

    Sennheiser ME66, Sennheiser 416, Rode NTG-1 or Rode NTG-3 + Boom Mic Kits

    30.8 46.2 123.2   44 66 176

    Sennheiser EW100 G3 Wireless Microphone

    30.8 46.2 123.2   44 66 176

    RODE Lavalier Lapel Microphone

    15.4 23.1 61.6   22 33 88

    Tama Microphone Stand

    7.7 11.55 30.8   11 16.5 44

    PA Speaker System

    70 105 280   100 150 400

    Rechargeable Batteries + Charger

    7.7 11.55 30.8   11 16.5 44

    Wireless Transmitter Belt

    3.85 5.775 15.4   5.5 8.25 22






    24 HRS




    24 HRS



    Optoma DLP Full HD Projector

    77 115.5 308   110 165 440




    24 HRS




    24 HRS



    Safety Kits x2

    30.8 46.2 123.2   44 66 176

    Catering Kit

    30.8 46.2 123.2   44 66 176

    Wardrobe Kit

    30.8 46.2 123.2   44 66 176

    Collecting the equipment: If you are in Hobart, collect from our office. Otherwise, we can courier to most locations within Tasmania; for WAT members, this service is free for 1 parcel for each $75 value of hire).

    Allow 20 mins to collect & return gear.

    All gear must be paid for before being hired.

    Length of Hire:

    24 Hour: Pick up between 10am and 4:00pm, return at the same time the following day (only available Mon - Thurs)

    Weekend: Pick up between 10am and 4:00pm Friday, return at 10am Monday morning.

    Week: Pick up between 10am and 4:00pm Mon - Fri, return at 10am one week later.

    Longer hires (eg. Monthly) can be easily negotiated

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    Wide Angle Residency

    Wide Angle Residency... the keys to the Wide Angle Screen Centre for up to three months to work on your screen venture.

    Download the Application and Guidelines here

    Applications must be emailed to info@wideangle.org.au by 10am Mon Dec 2, 2019

    The Wide Angle Residency provides Tasmanian screen practitioners with the opportunity to concentrate on their screen project or screen business for a period of between one and three months.  This “gift of time” will allow filmmakers to work without distraction to break new ground and progress their screen venture.  The Wide Angle Residency provides a home base, resources and facilities for individuals or teams of screen practitioners.

    What’s on offer:

    • Free office space at Wide Angle Screen Centre (6 Washington Street, South Hobart - includes electricity, water and Wi-Fi).
    • Free access to the studio/cinema, meeting room, common areas and WAT Film Kit (negotiated at application)

    Applications are now open for Residencies for the next block of three months for 2020.  Applicants should nominate their preferred length for the residency (one, two or three months) and start date – no earlier than December 2.

    Applications Open


    Applications due

    December 2, 2019


    December 6, 2019

    Available Residency dates

    Any period between Jan 6 and March 27, 2020


    This initiative is open to all Tasmanian screen practitioners wishing to advance a project, enterprise or business that contributes to a vibrant, diverse and renewable screen culture.    

    • All applicants must be permanent residents of Tasmania who are financial WAT members.


    Applications can be downloaded from our website www.wideangle.org.auand are due 10am Mon December 2, 2019 by email to info@wideangle.org.au.  You are welcome to visit the Wide Angle Screen Centre to check out the space available and discuss the terms and conditions in more detail with Wide Angle Tasmania staff.




    What do we expect?

    • A clear goal to be achieved by the end of the Residency. This may include completion of a script, editing a screen project, launch of a screen business or screen product etc.  This outcome will be shared with the Wide Angle Tasmania community at the end of the Residency (the nature of how the outcome will be shared will be negotiated with the residents).
    • All applicants must be current WAT members throughout the Residency period
    • Short video testimonial (under 3mins) and 50-100 word written testimonial of the value of the residency within a week of completing the residency
    • A copy of any film on DVD and stills (if a screen work is produced)
    • Logo credit/bio acknowledgement (as negotiated)
    • Contribution to a WAT programme during the Residency (eg. Taking stills at an event, filming an interview etc. – to be negotiated at the time of offer, based on the skill set of those involved)
    • An agreement will be made with Residents that outlines the expectations of all parties

    Wide Angle Residency has been awarded to: 

    Oct-Dec 2019: Electric Yak

    Sept 2019: Joel Wilson

    Aug 2019: Oliver Potter

    Feb 2019: Ninna Millikin & Takani Clark

    Jan 2019: U25 Enterprise

    October - December 2018: Mark Thomson

    July - September 2018: Lisa Gormley and Aeshlie Wheeler


    Resident Testimonials

    Ninna Millikan and Takani Clark


    "TAS CASTING are so incredibly thankful for the support of Wide Angle Tasmania and the Washington Residency for giving us a productive and positive office space to establish our business. As part of the Washington Residency we received invaluable guidance in regard to our industry and direct contact with film makers and industry professionals. The space was positive, quiet and productive with all the resources we needed to get our business functioning professionally. We were also lucky enough to be enrolled in the End Game initiative which greatly supported us in achieving our goals over the 3 months."
    Lisa and Aeshlie, TAS CASTING

    "I had access to an office, some equipment and was able to use the hall and mini cinema for the events I had planned. A benefit of this residency was that it allowed me the luxury of failure and to make mistakes. This in turn has led to reflection on how to modify the idea do it in a better and more practical way.  In the meantime, by doing something rather than talking about it, I’ve engaged a number of key stakeholders... and also met some great collaborators who have experience in streaming and have provided some valuable advice on how to do it differently going forward."
    Mark Thomson

  • published NERVE in previous initiatives 2018-07-20 12:31:11 +1000


    Wide Angle provides Tasmanian screen practitioners with their first shot at production through our annual initiative NERVE.  Teams receive a cash budget and Wide Angle support to go through the full process of making a short screen project. Previously called Raw Nerve, this model of mentoring, training and support aims to provide screen practitioners with their first experience of an industry standard production that will progress their career, educational and/or creative aspirations.

    Three first-time film directors were selected for support through the Wide Angle Tasmania’s short film initiative NERVE 2018. The aim of NERVE is to produce high quality films on a small budget to showcase emerging talent and provide a pathway to industry.  This year three filmmakers have been selected, all directing their first funded film.  Click through for more information:  
    Mick Lowenstein – Little Beauty
    Victoria Bremner – Printed in Ink and
    George Underwood - Karen

    Since 2008, Wide Angle Tasmania has helped dozens of Tasmanian screen practitioners to create their first funded short film through this highly successful model of mentoring, training and support. Opportunities to learn through doing are vital for directors, contributing to strong career outcomes.  Shaun Wilson (currently directing Rosehaven series 3) directed his first funded short film Henry Finn through this initiative in 2008.  Other alumni include Vivien Mason (now studying an MA in ‘Digital Storytelling’ at the prestigious Royal College of Art in London) and Rebecca Thomson (award winning director of the webseries Women of the Island).

    The three films produced in 2018 are between 5 and 10 minutes in length. Wide Angle Tasmania helps filmmakers take their idea from script, through each stage of production, to a finished film ready for national and international festival release by December 2018.

    Each filmmaker will receive a package valued at over $30 000 that includes;
    • mentoring from an experienced screen industry practitioner (Dick Marks, Di Drew, Graham Gates)
    • advice through the script editing process (Karel Segers, Claire d'Este)
    • $3 000 cash budget
    • free enrolment in relevant WAT training
    • $7 500 value of production and post production equipment hire from WAT
    • insurances for the film and volunteer cast and crew
    • a colour grade and sound mix provided by a post-production studio (Mike Gissing)
    • a gala launch of the films

    Bremner and Foster are participating as part of a Youth Arts Project, assisted through Arts Tasmania and Screen Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts.  State Growth have also supported NERVE by contributing funds to employ nationally recognized script editors and mentor producers for Little Beauty and Karen.

  • published Hire 2017-11-24 15:30:59 +1100


    Wide Angle Tasmania provides Tasmanians with access to quality film production equipment and facilities to make, watch and meet.

    We have a wide range of prosumer film equipment including cameras, lenses, sound recording, tripods, projectors, lights and much more. Check out the available gear and hire info here.

    The Wide Angle Screen Centre includes a 70 seat cinema/studio, micro-cinema, meeting room, foyer and kitchen available for hire.  Check out the information about our facilities here.

    Current financial WAT members receive a 30% discount on equipment and facility hires. 

    Wide Angle also provides subsidised access to equipment and facility hire through a range of initiatives that are offered throughout the year (including Washington Residency, End Game and Nerve). 

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  • published Help set up WAT's new home in WAT's new centre for screen 2017-06-27 12:38:52 +1000

    Help set up the new Centre

    Do you have some time and skills to help get WAT's new centre ready to open?

    Towards the end of July we'll be in touch with some dates for working bees and moving dates - please sign up if you would like us to contact you directly.

    Thanks! Become a volunteer

  • commented on Webinar Fast Forward? 2016-09-06 12:39:42 +1000
    Hey Bec – when I replay the webinar it has the usual youtube controls to let me scroll forward or back. I watched via the video embedded on the page in this website, but it was also working Ok when I looked via the original video. Perhaps see if it plays better using a different browser?
  • published Replay of info webinar in step-out web 17 blog 2016-08-30 08:46:11 +1000

    Replay of info webinar

    A great turn-out to the info webinar last night - thanks for the questions and enthusiasm! If you missed it - you can check it out here (skip ahead to where we start at 3mins 32).

    Next step? To participate in the 3 pre-registration webinars you'll need to complete an EOI this week (it's quick and relatively painless I promise!) http://www.wideangle.org.au/eoi_step-out

  • published Step-Out Web 17 in previous initiatives 2016-08-25 13:16:43 +1000

    Step-Out Web 17

    Step-Out Web17 was a partnership between Wide Angle Tasmania (WAT) and Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS) for Tasmanian filmmakers.  It was a knock-out competition where the crowd decided which web-series were in the running for production investment including up to $20,000 cash (download the guidelines here).  16 teams completed the first 3 challenges, 12 teams completed the next 3 challenges.  The Final 3 teams (plus the wildcard) pitched for production investment on December 17, 2017.  The project selected for support was Women of the Island (Rebecca Thomson, Ninna Milliken & Lara Van Raay), an online series of short documentaries telling the diverse stories of the women who inhabit the island of Tasmania.

    Launched on August 2 to 250 people including Pozible supporters, industry and politicians from all tiers of government, the three films are now available online to view.

    Click through to watch and read about the three films produced.

    A Farmer's Daughter

    Jenine is a Cygnet local who has spent the last 30 years farming cattle, but when the dirty work is done, the overalls come off and she gets to work on her home which she has meticulously turned into a living museum full to overflowing of collectables.

    The Radiophonic Artist

    Welcome to the strange and magical world of sound performance artist Julia Drouhin, where radios are instruments and records are edible.

    Protector and Defender

    Madeline is a young woman who has been told she’s too white to be Aboriginal, and while many young people in Wynyard are disempowered, Madeline’s connection to Country and her proud lineage give her resilience and a strong sense of identity.

  • published upcoming events in Events & Opportunities 2016-08-09 09:00:19 +1000

    Upcoming events

    Wide Angle Tasmania provides a range of training courses, workshops, seminars and masterclasses designed to assist you enter the screen industry, extend your skills or consolidate your practice.  We also provide information here about workshops, masterclasses and courses that may be of interest to those wanting to improve their craft and business skills in the screen sector.

    Our screening calendar is now separate! Click here for more information.

    Course fee Refund Policy
    Wide Angle Tasmania’s Refund Policy aims to provide fair and equitable standards for course refunds that suit both Wide Angle and students.  Read more here. 

    See all events

  • WAT & AFTRS partner on web series training with best pitch to be produced

    Wide Angle Tasmania (WAT) and AFTRS have announced they will collaborate on a new web series training initiative, Step-Out Web 17.

    The new program is designed to provide structured development for Tasmanian screen practitioners to acquire audience engagement skills and develop pitch assets for web series projects.  

    After the development cycle, one team will be selected to produce their web series.

    Read more

  • published membership 2016-06-18 16:03:01 +1000


    WAT membership connects you with the Tasmanian screen sector and allows you to access a range of benefits:

    • receive a 30% discount when you hire production equipment or venue space with WAT
    • be part of the WAT crew and/or production company database - a great way to profile your skills, connect with others and gain referrals for work opportunities
    • access initiatives and professional development opportunities including workshops and events
    • apply for equipment subsidy and sponsorship
    • low cost production insurance for eligible projects
    • receive an hour-long consultation with the WAT production team
    • apply to advertise your project or event through the WAT newsletter
    • access WAT Shares, a time bank resource for practitioners to exchange skills
    • access to Screen Entrepreneurs, a resource hub focusing on the core entrepreneurial areas of business skills and planning.

    Membership is for 12 months and is available to individuals and companies:

    Concession membership $44 (if you have a healthcare, student, or seniors card)

    Annual membership $66

    Company membership $132 includes 2 individual memberships and is available to production companies, schools and colleges, not-for-profit organisations and private businesses.


    Become a member online by clicking on your membership type - or give us a call at the office.

  • published Canon Legria HV40 HDV Camera 2016-05-31 20:05:07 +1000

    Canon Legria HV40 HDV Camera

    Using miniDV tapes, this is a great camera for traveling light or for those just starting out.
    Requires IEEE1394 Firewire port to transfer footage to PC or Mac.


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