A Farmer's Daughter - Women of the Island

Jenine is a Cygnet local who has spent the last 30 years farming cattle, but when the dirty work is done, the overalls come off and she gets to work on her home which she has meticulously turned into a living museum full to overflowing of collectables.

CO-PRODUCERS: Ninna Millikan and Rebecca Thomson
DURATION: 5mins 36secs
YEAR: 2017

Jenine is a farmer and has been for the past 30 years.  She works along-side her father running the 150 head of black Angus on a stud farm in Cygnet.  She spends her days getting dirty moving, feeding, drenching and calving cattle as well as driving tractors to cut hay or whatever physical work is required day to day around the farm. Once Jenine knocks off though, her world completely changes as she comes out of her dirty clothes and into her pristine home.


Carballo Interplay Festival, Spain - April 2018
LA WEBFEST, USA - April, 2018 (Screening at Sony Pictures Studios April, 2018)
Cradle Mountain Film Festival, Australia - April, 2018
Melbourne WebFest, Australia - June, 2018


Nominated for Outstanding Reality Series, Outstanding Directing, Outstanding Cinematography & Outstanding Editing at LA WEBFEST, USA - April, 2018 
Winner Outstanding Cinematography LAWEB FEST 2018 (Reality - Documentary series)
Nominated for Best Australian non-fiction series at Melbourne WebFest, June 2018


Jenine Olbrich, Ben Olbrich
Staring the dogs Teddy, Jemma and Spike Cattle


Director – Lara van Raay
Producer – Lara van Raay
Co-Producer – Ninna Millikin and Rebecca Thomson
Associate Producers - Linda Booth and Michael Gissing
Executive Producer - Abi Binning
Editor – Lara van Raay
Sound – Ninna Millikin
Camera – Lara van Raay
Additional camera – Ninna Millikin and Rebecca Thomson
Grade and Mix – Michael Gissing from Digital City Studios
Music composition – Nicholas Storr
Graphics – Vivien Mason
Website – Sarah Owen
Series Mentor – Kirsty Stark
Stills – Lara van Raay, Rebecca Thomson and Amy Brown

Thanks to Jenine Olbrich, Ben Olbrich and Snowy
Staring the dogs Teddy, Jemma and Spike
Thanks to Abi Binning and Ian McRobert for all of your support

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