Reuben James

I grew up in Tasmania but have completed my tertiary education in Brisbane and this is where my initial job opportunites have arisen. I am passionate about music and from an early age I have always loved creating it. I started learning about audio and composition back at school and over the years the idea of producing soundtracks specifically for film and animation really grew on me. I have completed a Diploma of Music Production (2019) and a Bachelor of Audio (2021) at the School of Audio Engineering (Sae) Brisbane. During my time studying at Sae, I thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with film and animation students, creating their soundtracks. At this time I also gained good experience creating Foley, sound design, film mixing, ADR and location recording, which I also enjoy.

I have quite a strong musical background and can play three instruments, piano, clarinet and alto saxophone, however I am currently only focusing on the saxophone. I don't have a particular favourite genre of music, but enjoy listening to a huge range.

My dream within the film audio world is to compose music for film and animation, work in audio post production and ideally return to Tasmania to live and freelance.

Work done in the last 6 months:

Recently finished assisting with location recording for a feature film.

Recently did location recording for a three day promotional video shoot.

Currently editing an audio book.

Currently composing the soundtrack for a short film.

I will be doing the soundtrack and location recording for a feature film commencing in 2023 and I have already commenced work on the soundtrack.

Composed the soundtrack for a short horror film, which has just been selected into the Student World Impact Film Festival (2022).

Assisted with post production for the feature film Wyrmword Appocalypse with Folklore Sound (2021).