Frank Formby

  • answered 2020-07-20 19:26:21 +1000
    Q: What would you like to see us do differently post-COVID19?
    A: I’m really astounded at how much WAT is doing right now. So all I can say is really more of the same. Mentoring a film society with screenings at the State or another suitable venue would be great. Maybe it’s something that I could help with.

    WAT 2020 survey

    Thanks for making the time to complete our short survey - your answers will help Wide Angle to serve the Tasmanian screen community!

    Respond by July 3 and you'll be in the running for cash prizes (2 x $100), equipment hire vouchers (3 x $100) and WAT membership (x 4) 

    There are just 6 questions;

    • What is life like for you right now?
    • What have other organisations you interact with done during COVID-19 that you’ve found useful and why?
    • What is Wide Angle doing or providing that gives you the most value right now and why?
    • On the flip side, what services are of less value to you right now and why?
    • What can we do to best serve you right now and why?
    • What would you like to see us do differently post-COVID19?

    We'll be using the info to help understand our community better - all responses will be used or share without identifying you. 


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    company membership

    Annual company membership is available to production companies, schools, private businesses and NFP organisations who wish to access the company benefits including:

    • receive a 30% discount every time you hire production equipment from WAT
    • be listed in the production company database - a great way to profile your business, connect with others and gain referrals for work opportunities from WAT

    Company membership also entitles you to two annual memberships for the owners or staff of your business.  Each individual is entitled to the range of member benefits including:

    • receive a 30% discount when you hire production equipment or venue space with WAT
    • access initiatives and professional development opportunities including workshops and events
    • apply for equipment subsidy and sponsorship
    • low cost production insurance for eligible projects
    • receive an hour-long consultation with the WAT production team
    • apply to advertise your project or event through the WAT newsletter
    • access WAT Shares, a time bank resource for practitioners to exchange skills
    • access to Screen Entrepreneurs, a resource hub focusing on the core entrepreneurial areas of business skills and planning.

    Thanks for joining us!