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  • Screen Freelancer Knock-off Drinks + 'In Conversation' with Andy Walker

    Andy Walker has been a Producer in the film and television industry for many years creating drama and narrative comedy for Australian and international audiences.

    At this casual event we'll hear from Andy about his career and experience as a major producer in the Australian screen sector. This is certain to be an insightful and engaging conversation especially for those who work in the screen industry or aspire to.

    Andy has brought to Tassie various television series' over the years, and he has engaged local crew and talent in each one. These include Rosehaven (5 seasons!), The Kettering Incident, and currently in post-production - Deadloch (not to mention a further extensive list of productions he's made ‘on the mainland’).

    All welcome!  Non-alcoholic drinks and wine/beer/cider will be available to purchase.

    Bar prices - non-alcoholic $2.50, wine/beer/cider $7.50, spirits $10. EFTPOS payments preferred.

    When: Friday 1 July, bar opens 5.30pm, ‘In Conversation’ starts 6pm and runs to about 7pm
    Where: Wide Angle Screen Centre, 6 Washington St, South Hobart
    Cost: Free to attend


    Andy Walker has produced over 125 hours of drama and narrative comedy for Australian and international audiences – most recently SPREADSHEET (Northern Pictures/Paramount+) , Season 2 of FIVE BEDROOMS (Hoodlum/Paramount+) and all five seasons of Celia Pacquola & Luke McGregor’s hit comedy series ROSEHAVEN (Guesswork Television/ABC-TV).  Walker was also the Casting Director for ROSEHAVEN.  His drama and comedy credits include TRUE STORY WITH HAMISH & ANDY (Radio Karate/Nine Network), Season 1 of WANTED (Matchbox Pictures/Seven Network) and Anne Edmonds’ THE EDGE OF THE BUSH (Guesswork Television/ABC-TV).  Walker co-produced Seasons 1 and 2 of THE FAMILY LAW (Matchbox Pictures/SBS) and was one of the producers of the multi-award winning THE KETTERING INCIDENT (Porchlight Films/FOXTEL/BBC Worldwide).  Other credits as Producer include drama series WONDERLAND and MR & MRS MURDER (both for FremantleMedia/Network TEN) and SATISFACTION (LoneHand/FOXTEL).  Narrative comedy credits include A MOODY CHRISTMAS (Jungle/ABC-TV), LAID Season 2 (Porchlight Films/ABC-TV) and WOODLEY (Guesswork Television/ABC-TV).  He is currently producing 8 x 1 hour comedy-mystery series DEADLOCH (Guesswork Television/Amazon Prime) in Tasmania.  He loves Tasmania.

    July 01, 2022 at 5:30pm
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  • published Hand Sanitiser Stand & Dispenser 2021-12-03 10:29:05 +1100


    2 x stands available for hire

    BONUS complimentary sanitiser kit containing - cleaning wipes, 1.5 litres dispenser of hand sanitiser,  2 x 1 litre hand sanitiser bottles (original and green tea scent).

  • published Script Bank in resources 2021-07-13 13:45:27 +1000

    Script Bank

    Wide Angle is all about connecting our community - and helping you to get films made.  If you've written a short script that’s now sitting in a drawer gathering dust, you're invited to submit it to Wide Angle's script bank.  The script bank will be available to WAT members who are keen to direct or produce a short and are looking for a script. It will also be available for writers to gain inspiration from others.  

    It's completely free for writers to submit, and access to the scripts will be for Wide Angle members only.

    If you're interested, please complete the Google Form.

    When launched members will be able to read the logline and synopsis, and then sign an NDA before reading your script. If a director or producer decides they want to make your script into a film, we'll facilitate the signing of an agreement between you to ensure you get credited for your hard work.

    How does that sound!?  Any questions, get in touch.

  • published freelancer meetup - OPEN in Events & Opportunities 2021-05-28 13:39:23 +1000

    screen freelancer monthly meetup

    Our 'Screen Freelancer Knock-off Drinks' is a casual event held on a Friday each month, this is a great chance to connect with your local filmmaking community, to talk about projects and find out what the future holds for Wide Angle.

    Check the schedule to find out what is on offer each month and we do hope to see you there, ALL WELCOME including friendly animals and little ones.

    At each event the bar is open from 5.30pm til 7.30pm, with a range of drink options and light snacks available. EFTPOS payments preferred.

    Schedule for 2022 to note in your diary (but subject to change so keep an eye on the 'upcoming events' page and your favourite social media site for updates)...

    Friday 18 February

    'In Conversation' with Molly Reynolds - Director of 'My Name is Gulpilil', hosted by Sharon Connolly (who has more than 30 years of experience in the Australian screen sector

    Friday 4 March

    'In Conversation' with Franziska Wagenfeld - Wide Angle Tasmania's NEW Executive Director, and Ros Walker - Experienced producer, film advocate and teacher 

    Friday 22 April

    Q and A with Yvonne Collins - Producer of 'Bay of Fires' (8 part Tassie-noir drama series for ABC), soon to be filmed in Hobart and West Coast Tasmania

    Friday 13 May

    Q and A with a famous and fabulous Producer. Watch this space to see who rises to the top

    Friday 3 June

    Filmmaker networking opportunity to meet with Not-for-Profit organisations following the Films Work workshop held at Wide Angle

    Friday 1 July

    WINTER EDITION - get cozy and gather with your local screen community for a friendly catch up
    Friday 5 August

    TBA - it will be enlightening and uplifting for certain

    Friday 2 September

    TBA - suggestions welcome!

    Friday 7 October

    TBA - when scheduled this page will be updated along with your favourite social media platform

    Friday 4 November

    TBA - an event to welcome the warmer months

    Friday 10 December

    End of year sign-off with your local filmmaking community, we'll celebrate achievements from the year and look ahead to 2023!


  • published Wool Drapes 2021-02-02 11:52:14 +1100

    Wool Drapes

    Need to hire draping for your film shoot, performance or event? Our black wool and velvet drapes come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.  

    Depending on your requirements you might need uprights and crossbars to hang the drapes - let us know if you need to discuss the options (including background systems).

    Please note that the drapes have been well loved and are not in pristine condition - if you require flawless draping, these won't be suitable.


    1. 5m wide X 5m drop (heavy wool, velcro trim)
    2. 6m wide x 2.7m drop (light curtain, eyelets)
    3. 3m wide x 3.1 m drop (velvet)
    4. 3m wide x 6 m drop (velvet)
    5. 4m wide x 5m drop (heavy wool) 
    6. 4m wide x 5m drop (heavy wool)
    7. 3m wide x 4m drop (light wool, FABRIC ONLY)
    8. 3m wide x 4m drop (light wool, eyelets)
    9. 6m wide x 4m drop (light wool, eyelets)
    10. 4.5m wide x 9.7m drop (heavy wool, eyelets)
    11. Fabric only - 9m wide (4.5m at the top) x 7m drop (heavy wool, hessian + eyelets) 
    12. 10m wide x 4m drop star curtain (contact for further info on this old-school bad boy)