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    annual membership

    Annual membership to WAT connects you with the Tasmanian screen sector and allows you to access a range of benefits:

    • receive a 30% discount when you hire production equipment or venue space with WAT
    • be part of the WAT crew and/or production company database - a great way to profile your skills, connect with others and gain referrals for work opportunities
    • access initiatives and professional development opportunities including workshops and events
    • apply for equipment subsidy and sponsorship
    • low cost production insurance for eligible projects
    • receive an hour-long consultation with the WAT production team
    • apply to advertise your project or event through the WAT newsletter
    • access WAT Shares, a time bank resource for practitioners to exchange skills
    • access to Screen Entrepreneurs, a resource hub focusing on the core entrepreneurial areas of business skills and planning.

    Thanks for joining us!


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    Good afternoon,

    I was told to contact you, as you might be able to help me develop some skills within the film industry. I am training to be an actor and have also started writing screen plays. I was wondering whether you had any upcoming writing workshops or any advice or information that would help me learn more about writing and developing films?

    get in touch

    Phone: 03 6223 8344
    Mobile: 0478 150 206

    E-mail: [email protected]

    Opening hours: 10am - 4pm Monday - Friday

    Closed Public Holidays

    Visit us: 6 Washington Street, South Hobart

    Stair entry:
    Enter via the steps off Washington Street to the left of the public toilet (you will notice the letterbox at the base of the stairs and the sign at the top of the stairs). Walk a few metres beyond the stairs and the double doors are to the right.  

    Flat entry:
    *** Please call us on 6223 8344 or 0478 150 206 so that we can unlock the gates when you arrive and assist with gates and ramp access. ***

    Drive in through the gates to the soccer ground (located to the right of our building.) 
    Enter through the gate to the left.
    A ramp is available to enter through the red door.

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