WAT 48 Hours Challenge Rules

  1. Registrations open 27 July, 2021 and close at midnight on 21 September, 2021. Late registrations may not be accepted.
  2. The registration fee of AU$75.00 must be received before registration can be confirmed.  Please note that teams with a member aged 25 or under 25 member receive free registration.
  3. Upon receipt of your registration form and payment you will receive an email confirming your registration. If you do not receive this after 12 hours email [email protected].
  4. Team with at least one member aged 25 or under are eligible to apply for a production grant from Wide Angle valued at $750 worth of equipment hire.
  5. If you included copyrighted material in your film that you don’t have permission for (eg. music, footage), understand that WAT 48 Hours Challenge may not be able to screen or promote your film.
  6. You are responsible for your own safety while undertaking the Challenge. You agree to participate with a high standard of professional conduct – this includes complying with all Tasmanian laws and screen industry expectations.  You will not engage in any activity that disadvantages any other team or undermines the integrity of the WAT 48 Hours Challenge.
  7. You cannot enter into arrangements using Wide Angle Tasmania's name or issue public statements referencing WAT 48 Hours or Wide Angle Tasmania without first gaining WAT’s explicit consent.
  8. By registering for the WAT 48 Hours Challenge 2021 you affirm that you are responsible for all activities associated with producing your film for the Challenge, and that Challenge organisers are not (“organisers” includes staff and volunteers of Wide Angle Tasmania (WAT) and all associated organisations, such as sponsors and presenting partners).
  9. Wide Angle Tasmania reserves the right to not screen any film that it believes has been produced in an unethical fashion — for example, in terms of ignoring reasonable safety standards, using copyrighted material, or in the nature of the film’s content (for example, something we may not be legally able to exhibit). This is not negotiable.
  10. Wide Angle Tasmania will deal only with one nominated individual per team. This is the person whose name and contact details appears on the registration form. It is up to each team to determine who ultimately ‘owns’ the film made for the Challenge and any prizes awarded — ie. the director, the writer, or someone else. The festival won’t enter into any discussions about ownership and will consider that the nominated person on the registration form has been empowered to speak to the team in all matters.
  11. The film you make should be 6 minutes long, or less. If you have credits (recommended) these should be included within that time.
  12. At least one member of your team must be in Hobart or Launceston on Friday 24 SEPT at 7 pm to receive the prompts package.
  13. This prompts package will include three things: a prop, a written a line of dialogue and a movie genre.
  14. The items in the prompts package will be randomly chosen and are unique to your project. You must incorporate all three of these in your film.
  15. You may make a silent film but in that case you would still have to work out how to incorporate the dialogue prompt.
  16. The film must be uploaded to youtube or vimeo as a file no larger than 2Gb.  You will need to email us the link to your film no later than 7pm on Sunday 26 September 2021.  Tech support will be available to help teams between 2 and 7pm on Sept 26.
  17. In the case of a team of young filmmakers (ie. under the age of 18), an adult must register on the team’s behalf and indicate in the note field at the bottom of the registration form that this is the case. By doing so the adult indicates responsibility for the well-being of that team in making their film for the Challenge and agrees that WAT 48 Hours Challenge organisers (and partner and association organisations) is in no way liable in the event of accident, injury or work practices that contravene relevant regulations.
  18. The registration fee entitles one member from each team to one ticket to the awards night on October 1, 2021. All other attendees (including those on the team aged 25+) will be charged $10 to attend the screenings.
  19. Team members aged 25 and under who are named in the registration process will receive a free ticket to the screening


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