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    pay an invoice

    Thanks for booking equipment, tickets or registering for a course with Wide Angle Tasmania.  If you'd like to pay online, you can do that here!

    Please click the 'other' amount and enter the amount on the invoice.  You will be redirected to paypal where you can pay using your credit card or paypal account.

    If you already have an invoice number already, please reference that so that we can track your payment.

    You will receive a receipt from paypal that the payment has been made.  WAT will email you an invoice once we have received confirmation that the funds have been received.

    Cheers!  Any problems, please contact us on 6223 8344 or email


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    Thanks for thinking about donating to Wide Angle Tasmania! 
    As a non-government organisation, your donation will be used to support Tasmanians tell their stories on screen.

    We're incredibly grateful to our major benefactors who provide the funds WAT needs to operate.  Additional donations are used for our slate of projects.

    All donations are tax deductible.

    Donations by credit card can be made on this page (donations will be processed via paypal using a credit card or paypal account).  WAT will also send you a receipt via email or post.

    Donations by cheque or direct bank tramsfer can be made by contacting WAT on 6223 8344 or by email