Sam Tooker, Ursula Woods and Jeff Kirkland are this year’s NERVE recipients. Through this initiative they will each produce their very first professional short films. Sam has written and will direct his irreverent comedy film Dennis Shake, Ursula is developing her musical mock-umentary Clockumentaryand Jeff is working with producer Tara Bufton on gritty crime drama Red. Many of you will be familiar with NERVE as Wide Angle’s annual development program that curates quality short films and helps launch the careers of their filmmakers.

The initiative will provide these finalists with mentorship and a small cash budget of $3,000 as they undergo every stage of the filmmaking process, from script development all the way through to shooting and editing. Each film also receives a free colour-grade and sound mix to make them sparkle up on the big screen as they enter the national and international film festival circuit. NERVE films have had great success with film festivals in the past.

Since 2008, the NERVE initiative has produced over thirty short films, garnering the attention of the local industry as a worthwhile and necessary cause to rally behind. Camera operators, sound recordists, editors and actors volunteer their time towards helping the selected filmmakers realise their dream and vision. 

Sam Tooker, 20 from Lenah Valley, is the youngest of this year’s recipients. “I feel incredibly lucky to have been selected for NERVE. I’m really excited for the learning opportunity and can’t wait to get started.”

Jeff Kirkland, 57 from Claremont, is developing his gangland retelling of a fairy-tale classic and is most excited for the skills development. “I’m thrilled to be involved. Mostly I’m looking forward to improving on my filmmaking game. NERVE can really take you to the next level.”

Learn more about the NERVE initiative here. 

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