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Step-Out Web17 is a partnership between Wide Angle Tasmania (WAT) and Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS) for Tasmanian filmmakers.  It's a knock-out competition where the crowd decides which web-series are in the running for production investment including up to $20,000 cash (download the guidelines here).  16 teams completed the first 3 challenges, 12 teams completed the next 3 challenges.  The Final 3 teams (plus the wildcard) will pitch for production on December 17.  Challenge #9 is for the teams to complete a crowdfunding campaign - Wide Angle Tasmania will match dollar-for-dollar the target amount raised by the winning team. 

Crowdfunding Campaigns
The pozible campaigns for the Final 3 teams plus the wildcard are on our collections page here - or click through to the individual campaigns below. 

Thylacine Road Trip…..
(Chris Coupland, Bill Flowers & Warren Darragh)

A motley crew of three experts combine humour and science as they travel the highways, roads, and tracks of Tasmania in the search for the believed to be extinct Tasmanian Tiger.

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Donate to their crowdfunding campaign here.


To_Cambodia.jpgTo Cambodia and Back: A Tasmanian Film Students Journey (Natulka Sophia Wade)

In a new chapter of her life, a lone film student travels to Cambodia to document an Arts Festival, only the future knows what challenges await.

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 Donate to their crowdfunding campaign here.


Women of the Island
(Rebecca Thomson, Ninna Milliken & Lara Van Raay)

An online series of short documentaries telling the diverse stories of the women who inhabit the island of Tasmania.

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Donate to their crowdfunding campaign here.




Breaking the Money Monopoly (Katara Jade, Angeline Drury & Catherine Smith)  Follow them on facebook, twitter & instagram

Donate to their crowdfunding campaign here.


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