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Step-Out Web17 was a partnership between Wide Angle Tasmania (WAT) and Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS) for Tasmanian filmmakers.  It was a knock-out competition where the crowd decided which web-series were in the running for production investment including up to $20,000 cash (download the guidelines here).  16 teams completed the first 3 challenges, 12 teams completed the next 3 challenges.  The Final 3 teams (plus the wildcard) pitched for production investment on December 17, 2017.  The project selected for support was Women of the Island (Rebecca Thomson, Ninna Milliken & Lara Van Raay), an online series of short documentaries telling the diverse stories of the women who inhabit the island of Tasmania.

Launched on August 2 to 250 people including Pozible supporters, industry and politicians from all tiers of government, the three films are now available online to view.

A Farmer's Daughter
Jenine is a farmer and has been for the past 30 years.  She works along-side her father running the 150 head of black Angus on a stud farm in Cygnet.  She spends her days getting dirty moving, feeding, drenching and calving cattle as well as driving tractors to cut hay or whatever physical work is required day to day around the farm. Once Jenine knocks off though, her world completely changes as she comes out of her dirty clothes and into her pristine home.

The Radiophonic Artist
Julia Drouhin is a performance artist with an unusual way of hearing the world. She finds radio static ‘relaxing’, makes records out of ice and chocolate, and delights in recording the ‘mundane’ noises that surround her. Born in France, Julia’s art practice changed significantly when she moved to Tasmania in her adult life.  The landscape, soundscape and community of the isolated island inspired Julia to expand her art practice to incorporate her body, a new circle of collaborators, as well as the new sounds she encountered. Julia’s art is fuelled by a curiosity, playfulness and desire to open people’s ears to hear the world a little bit differently.

Protector and Defender
Madeline is a passionate young Tasmanian Aboriginal. Her desire to make the world a better place from a small Tasmanian town flies in the face of the entitled and apathetic stereotypes of young people. She has grown up culturally connected and engaged with the challenges of her people and community, with the question on her lips ‘what can I do?’ Despite serious health issues she is forging a way for herself as a leader; one to watch.

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