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Wide Angle Tasmania provides a range of training courses, workshops, seminars and masterclasses designed to assist you enter the screen industry, extend your skills or consolidate your practice.  We also provide information here about workshops, masterclasses and courses that may be of interest to those wanting to improve their craft and business skills in the screen sector.

  • Friday, March 03, 2017 at 10:00 AM
    Clemenger Tasmania in Hobart, Australia

    Award School - March 3rd


    It’s a course about IDEAS. CREATIVE THINKING & the PROCESSES involved in coming up with great ideas & ultimately good ads.

    Before it all kicks off, an application workshop will be held on Friday the 3 of March.  The AWARD School Application Workshop is a comprehensive one-day workshop where industry professionals will take you step-by-step through application tips, tricks, ammo and insider information. Essentially everything you need to know to give you a great shot at submitting the best application your brain can muster.


    This course is perfect, if:

    • You're applying for the first time
    • You've previously applied and missed out
    • Have never written an ad before
    • Only just heard about AWARD School


    The day will be broken up into four modules :

    Module/Question 1 asks applicants a simple question. “Why are you applying for this course?” This module gives applicants tips on how to create an original and stand out response to get noticed.

    Module/Question 2 What makes a great ad? This module will focus on how to identify the core message that an ad is trying to communicate and to use as a basis to make a great one.

    Module/Question 3 gives applicants a simple poster/outdoor brief that they create an ad for. An industry professional will then work through some of the responses to demonstrate what a simple and clever piece of communications looks like.

    Module 4 gives you some practical tips on what you can do between now and when the AWARD School application opens.

    For more information about the application workshop click here

    For more information about the course click here

    $45 inc. GST

  • Thursday, March 16, 2017 at 12:00 PM

    Online Course - Hollywood: History, Industry, Art

    Explore the history of Hollywood, from Edison and the birth of film to the rise of the internet.

    Free online courses from University of Pennsylvania

    In this course you will learn about Hollywood and how it came to be the global powerhouse of today.

    This course will chronicle Hollywood’s growth and global reach since the 1920s, looking at:

    • How Hollywood has responded to new technologies such as synchronized sound, color cinematography, TV, home video, computer graphics, and the internet
    • How the global spread of Hollywood since the 1920s changed the film industry
    • The relationship between Hollywood and independent film
    • Hollywood’s responses to crises in American politics (e.g., world wars, the cold war, the 1960s counterculture, 9/11)

    This course will look closely at representative studios (Paramount, Disney, Fox, and others) and representative filmmakers (Mary Pickford, Charles Chaplin, Frank Capra, George Lucas, Spike Lee, among many others).

    What you'll learn

    • The history of the studio system
    • How to analyze a film
    • How Hollywood has responded to new technologies in the industry
    • The impact of global audiences on Hollywood
    • The relationship between Hollywood and independent media
    • How Hollywood has reacted to major political events
    • What the future holds for Hollywood

    For more information click here
    To enrol click here

    4 weeks (8 Units)

    3-4 hours per week


    Its a self paced course

  • Monday, April 10, 2017 at 12:00 PM

    Online Course - Animation and CGI Motion

    Free online courses from Columbia University

    How do you create realistic animations? It’s key to the success of animated films to insure audiences believe in characters.

    This course will show you how to create lifelike animations focusing on the technical aspects of CGI animation and also give you a glimpse into how studios approach the art of physically-based animation.


    What you'll learn

    • To code your own physics simulator to master the fundamental algorithms for creating lifelike animations clothing, hair, liquids, rigid bodies and more!
    • Temporal integration of the equations of motion
    • Formulation of mathematical models for mechanical systems
    • Numerical methods for treating contact and impact
    • Lagrangian and Eulerian representations of continua control of physical models


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    12 weeks

    8-10 hours per week



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