Established in 2005, Wide Angle Tasmania (WAT) is the state’s screen development organisation.  WAT is a not-for-profit organisation that nurtures local talent by providing advice, training, access to film production equipment and production initiatives.  WAT also offers Tasmanian audiences a diverse programme of screenings.

We want to achieve:    

  •   Vibrant Tasmanian screen culture
  •   Skilled, creative and resourceful Tasmanian screen practitioners
  •   Active network of Tasmanian screen practitioners
  •   A responsible, effective and dynamic organisation.


WAT Annual Reports:

2015 WAT Annual Report

2014 WAT Annual Report

2013 WAT Annual Report

2012 WAT Annual Report

2011 WAT Annual Report

2010 WAT Annual Report

2009 WAT Annual Report

2008 WAT Annual Report

Other Files:

WAT Service Charter

WAT Volunteer Policy

WAT Sponsorship Policy


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